Трофеи & Трофеи

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Что такое значок?

значок-это значок в вашем профиле (привязанный к Вашей учетной записи), который представляет наборы трофеев (группу трофеев), которые вы наградили, или ваше участие в мероприятии. Существует 3 типа бейджа:

  • видимый: все трофеи этого значка видны.
  • шаг за шагом: следующие детали трофей будет показан, как только предыдущий был награжден.
  • скрытый: это будет показано, как только заработал.
You can find the list of Visible badges in here.

How do I unlock a badge?

From your Profile page, click on the "Badges" tab. From your Badges page, select a badge to view its details and tasks.

View my badges page.

How do I feature a badge?

You can select any awarded trophy from your Badges page. Your featured badge will display at the top of your profile and in the messages of thread under your avatar.

What is my Level?

Your Level is a summary of your trophy points and shows off your awarded trophies. Each trophy earned increases your Points, and every 40 Points gives you an added Level (at least to start).

How many badges do I need to increase my Level?

When you get started, it takes 40 Points to get to the next level. The amount needed to level up increases every 10 levels, meaning after Level 10 you'll need 80 Points per level, after level 20 you'll need 120 Points per level, etc.

What is the point of my Level?

The Level is a quick way for users to see how much someone has contributed to the community. We have just a few different ways to get badges right now, but we hope to expand that to include all the different ways users contribute.